Some Much Needed Intros.

I guess if I’m going to be rambling about things that I think are relevant and expect anyone to actually hear me out, it’s probably appropriate to go ahead and formally introduce myself:

My name is Sydney Comeaux, and I’m a senior at St. Edward’s University. I’m majoring in Communication, with a course emphasis in Rhetorical and Cultural Studies, and minoring in English Writing and Rhetoric. This semester, I’m taking a lot of courses that I’m really excited about (yes, really). One of these classes is, of course, Intro. to Public Relations.

I haven’t taken any courses so far that focus on PR, Advertising, or Marketing, and if you had asked me a few weeks ago, I’d probably say that they were all the same thing. However, I now know that this isn’t the case at all. I think PR is an interesting field because it promotes creative thinkers with exceptional communication skills and knowledge. It’s not just about getting your company/product/client’s name in a headline. Despite the myth that claims otherwise, all PR isn’t actually good PR (click here for more details).

I’m looking forward to learning how some of the most impressive PR pros go about doing their jobs, especially with things like Twitter and Facebook reshaping the field in many ways (click here to see three interesting PR-related infographics about social media).

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