Rally on.

I’ve recently been introduced to a new social media program called Rally. Rally is a brand new program that supports organizational development by offering a next-generation online fundraising platform. Earlier this year, Students of the World (SOW) formed a partnership with Rally and is currently testing out the Beta-platform. So far,the Rally-SOW partnership has yielded a lot of positive results. For instance, in just a few short weeks, Rally helped SOW connect with supporters and raise an impressive amount of money, which was used to bring students from UT and the Cine Institute of Haiti together for a documentary on the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.

Rally resembles other social media sites like Facebook, but instead of a wall intended mostly for general communication,  Rally allows organizations to customize and promote donation pages. Essentially, it has made it easier for donors and potential donors to locate organizations that interest them and donate money in a quick-easy fashion. The Students of the World page has an ample amount of comments, photos, and video clips that highlight the work they’re doing. By doing this, supporters are kept up-to-date on the organization’s progress. Students of the World is a prime example of Rally’s intended purpose–providing tools for keeping supporters truly involved.

The platform is currently limited to Beta-testers but is expected to open up to everyone very soon.

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