Blogs, Blogs Everywhere

This semester I’ve definitely become a huge fan of blogging–both as a reader and a writer. There’s several factors that contribute to this fascination. First, I love that blogs have consistent themes. I used to be under the impression that blogs are just online journals. While some people do write blogs for this purpose, that’s not to say all of them do. Blogs exist for pretty much everything. Whether you like duck-hunting or soap-carving, there’s probably a variety of blogs out there that exist for readers like you. Seriously, blogs can be as far-fetched or as acutely focused as the writer wants, but they always center around a certain theme.  If a reader keeps up with a particular blog, it’s because this blog offers information about a topic he/she enjoy hearing about on a regular basis. There’s a few blogs that I personally keep up with. theRabble, Gin and Topics, and Out & About are a few of them–all for different but specific reasons.

I also enjoy reading blogs because they’re informal. In other words, they’re very conversation-like because the content is made easy-to-read. They mimic every day talk because of this format. Also, readers can comment back and leave feedback. I think it’s important for people to be able to interact with the information they’re receiving. As a writer, there’s nothing more significant than the responses you get from your readers. (This is where that whole listening concept comes in again.) Basically, I think blogs, like everything else, can be as valuable as you want them to be. And, no matter your interests, there’s undoubtedly a blog out that there that will suit your fancy(ies).


2 thoughts on “Blogs, Blogs Everywhere

  1. Woo hoo! I’m so happy to read you like Gin and Topics!

  2. akaramPRS says:

    I am still stuck in thinking of blogs as a live journal. I am fairly new so maybe you can help me find a few blogs that I like and can keep up with. Blogs like Out and About that you mentioned are more review sites like Yelp, that are helpful if I am wanting to find information on something, someone, or somewhere. And then there are people who just blog to complain about their typical daily problems. Then there are blogs that are comical and amusing to read…like the Bloggess. But then again, reading blogs are not high on my priority list and I honestly feel like I don’t even have time to read blogs. Twitter takes up enough of my time! I agree with you, Sydney, thought that one positive about blogs is that it’s conversational rather than like reading some research paper, digging through adjectives and confusing vocabulary. Great post! Send me some more blogs you like…maybe I’ll get into it some day.

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