To PR, or not to PR.

Prior to this course, I was–as they say–completely in the dark when it came to Public Relations. Obviously, I knew it had everything to do with communication, but my interest in the field was so very minimal that I didn’t care to delve any deeper. However, due to course requirements, it became essential for me to take a class outside of my primary focus (Rhetorical and Cultural Studies). By no means was I dreading the course; in fact, I was excited to learn about something new. But, I also knew that I had no desire to be involved in Public Relations in the future. Regardless, I knew I would benefit from learning about the topic. I guess you could say I knew I would get out as much as I put in.

That being said, I’ve done my best to actively engage with the course by participating in lecture and turning in assignments that are well thought out and organized. While on one hand I do think Public Relations is a very interesting field–and I definitely understand how it can be very appealing and fulfilling for some–I’m realizing it’s not quite the realm I want to take part in. Or, perhaps I should explain better–I do not want to be solely involved in Public Relations. I have no interest in working for a PR firm, and I definitely don’t want to do PR for a major corporation. It is worth mentioning though that I am open to incorporating different aspects of PR in whatever I do. For instance, I’ve already mentioned I’m interning for a nonprofit organization this year. A part of this task has been generating a communication strategy. I’ve helped with the blog and other social media platforms. But, what I find the most interesting is the grant writing I’ve been doing. I have a very strong writing background and am very passionate about it. I know that PR can be very writing intensive, so I can apply this passion if I want to, but as of now I really just don’t see myself fitting into the field. As usual, though, this opinion has plenty of potential to change.

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