Sydney Comeaux is a senior at St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX. She is currently working toward a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication with an emphasis in Rhetorical and Cultural Studies, as well as a minor in English Writing and Rhetoric.  Sydney grew up in Lake Jackson, TX and has lived in Texas her whole life. That’s not to say she isn’t willing to live and learn in other places, though; in fact, Sydney loves to travel and plans on learning as much as she can about the world by experiencing it first-hand.

One of Sydney’s best qualities is her willingness to take on difficult challenges. She is a motivated and driven individual that values learning and thinking. At the same time, she also loves getting out and being active. For instance, she enjoys rock-climbing, running, and taking her dog to the park. She appreciates music and art and applauds those that choose to utilize these outlets. Sydney employs creative writing as her own outlet, working mostly with short stories and poetry.

Eventually, Sydney hopes to have travelled all around the world. She believes the most important and fulfilling thing a person can do is explore different cultures and learn about the people within these cultures. Sydney is still unsure exactly what career she will pursue post- graduation, but she remains optimistic.


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