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(In response to Alex Karam’s blog post)

I think listening is a critical skill for anyone in any profession– and in every aspect of life, really. The Bloggess blast was an exceptional exaggerated instance where not listening/paying attention really blew up in someone’s face. It’s examples like this that make you wonder what’s going on in some people’s heads sometimes. Hearing someone vs. actually listening are totally different concepts, and it’s great that we go over the importance of the receiver end of the communication model as often as we discuss the sender. Communication is, afterall, most effective when both ends participate fully and equally. And, within a conversation the roles are constantly flip-flopped. In regards to PR, I think the listening aspect is the most important component because it really distinguishes PR from advertising, marketing, etc. Building a relationship/connection with your audience is imperative in order to succeed. It also contributes to PR ethics. All in all, listening is a taken-for-granted skill that people don’t always immediately consider.



(In response to Emily Blasdel’s blog post)

I think you have clearly identified a good path toward pursuing what you want to do. I remember in Communication Theories, Prof. Garza started the first day of class with an open discussion about the possible jobs one can get with a Communication major. She had everyone make lists of the types of jobs we could think of, then she showed a large list she had compiled. Essentially, it was a giant list that covered anything and everything. I thought this was an extremely effective way to begin class, especially if people are still confused and pass everything off as irrelevant information. Communication is a very valuable major, especially for behind the scenes stuff like you mention in this post. It’s never a bad thing to know how to speak and listen to people effectively. In regards to youth ministry, I can definitely see how the concepts and tools we learn about in different Comm. will offer you great guidance– especially on top of a Religious and Theological Studies minor.I’m in the same place right now. I finally am understanding how the things I learn in class can be utilized as relevant information for guidance and support in the future. (Relieving, right?)


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    This looks wonderful. Great, sleek layout and very informative.

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