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Wait, you mean I can’t go to school for forever?

I have yet to decide exactly which company or industry I want to work for/with in the future. However, I’m getting a lot closer to figuring it out. Or, I’m at least starting to understand where my true interests are–I think that’s an incredible start. Currently, I have an internship with a local Austin non-profit called Students of the World (SOW). My title is “Program Management Intern” to be exact, but I’m finding that title umbrellas a wide variety of tasks. Working with a non-profit offers an amazing opportunity for anyone who can get past the unpaid aspect of it. In reality, the fact that you’re not getting paid makes it a lot more fulfilling.

At this point, I’m helping SOW create a successful communication plan. For example, we’re trying to organize a strategic and effective way to utilize all of the different social media tactics. Also, as SOW continues to formulate plans for expansion, my duty (which I kind of appointed myself to do) is to revise the content to better align it with the next chapter. Having taken many communication and writing courses, I’m finding it much easier going about all of these tasks. Maybe easier isn’t the right word, but I at least feel a lot prouder of the work I’m producing because I’m familiar with a lot of it. In PR we’ve talked a lot about social media and how it’s important for organizations/ companies to create objectives for each tactic. I’ve definitely been applying this information when generating ideas for SOW’s strategy. As far as revising content goes, I can thank my Technical Writing professor for helping tremendously with going about that one. (Cheers to all the nit-pickers out there!)

In the future, I plan on continuing to involve myself with the non-profit sector. It’s rewarding when you locate an organization with similar values as yourself, and you’re able to help them generate as much positive influence as possible. That to me is a lot more appealing than taking on a job at an agency or corporation. For anyone else looking to get involved with non-profits, my suggestion is to hop on the internet and start searching. I used internmatch.com, but there are endless ways to get connected. Did you know there are more non-profits than bars and restaurants combined in Austin? And all of them are open and appreciative of any help they can get. Communication┬ámajors are extremely valuable ┬ábecause non-profits have to garner a good amount of attention in order to be successful. Therefore, communication strategies are essential, and who better to help than a communication extraordinaire?

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